One of the best specimen plant producers in the UK

 We produce a wide range of often unique specimen stock,  here in West Sussex.  We pride ourselves on being a production nursery and not a cash and carry. 


We very much welcome visitors to the nursery but please make sure you call to book an appointment first.

Our Story


Started in 1989 the nursery has grown consistently from just an empty 2 acre field to over 35 acres, including a 12 acre container unit.


Our aim has always been to provide our customers with the best selection of high quality plant material at the right price. We offer delivery nationwide on our own transport. 


From the very beginning we concentrated on the production of specimens to the highest standards possible. Every year we are adding to that capacity by investing in our staff and the most effective systems available to improve the quality of our plants further.   

Plant Range


We have divided the plant range into easy access sections for both our Retail and Trade customers.  Please click on the relevant link below.